Monday, April 2, 2012

Magnet time!

Hello everyone! I recently got the magnet from China Glaze for Magnetic Polish so I took it out for a test run! I put on one thin coat of Nails Inc. (per instructions from here) . I then started with my pinkie with a thick coat and held the magnet over it for 15-25 seconds. Some of the nails didn't work as you might be able to tell in the pictures with some error I found out that if it doesn't work the first time try to add a bit more polish and start over with the magnet. I read (from another blogger) if you blow slightly on your nail it will stop the magnet from spreading back out...and that did help!

With a little more practice I think I will get the hang of this!
I did show you the instructions for Nails Inc. and those work great last time I tired it with the magnet it came with. This time how ever was me winging it! I will try next time I do magnetic polish doing it the way China Glaze instructs.
I now have 3 magnetic colors Trafalgar Square- steal , House of Parliament- purple, and (China Glaze) Pull Me Close- metallic blue..all are very pretty!

What is your favorite magnetic polish right now?

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