Monday, April 23, 2012

Swatch and Review of Salon Perfect's Blooming with Color... Part 1

Hey everybody:) Today I'm swatching and reviewing Salon Perfect's Blooming with Colors collection. This collection is fairly large so I'm breaking this up into two parts. The first half are the pastels, now when I first saw this collection I was drawn to the richer colors but after swatching these pastels I might change my mind. So lets just jump right into this ....

First up is Perfectly Peach. Now as a Georgia Peach I was drawn to this name. A cream polish with a great dry time. This polish was a one coat a little streaky and two coats evened everything out. And honestly with a summer tan this is going to be used quite a bit with me:) I like it!

Lemon Zing is up next with its bright shine. A cream polish, that took 3 good coats to fully cover. Now if you can stand to wait for all 3 coats and dry this is a pretty color, if not move on! This needs to be used with a base coat because of the stain factor:( But I can picture this being used with a cute blue sundress, oh yeah!

Kiwi Lime.... the only word to describe this color is baby food green, there is no way around it! The polish is a very sheer polish that took 3 good coats and was still a little streaky to me. Now after I took the pictures I can see a why this was added to the spring collection, not that bad of a green but just not for me with my skin tone.

Blue Mint is a robin egg blue. This is a 2 coat and covered polish, cream like the others. Every time I see this color I think of cherry blossom nail art...hmm?! Or Sunday brunch with the family out on the deck, this is a great blue!

Berry Blue, from the name you are expecting a deep blue, wrong... this is a purpley blue cream color. This color again was a very thin polish that took 3 coats of polish. But this polish is well worth the three coats, I loved it! It does dry slightly darker than the color in the bottle, but I liked it a lot. I wanted to stop swatching for the day and leave this color on:)

Purple Sorbet is a nice deep purple. This is a 2 coat and its covered polish, cream. This polish reminds me of the African Violets my mom has at her house on her windows. A perfect purple for picnics:)

Last but not least is Lavender Icing, sorry this one lost it's label on its way to my house. This is no doubt a lovely lavender:) 2 coats and it was covered polish, cream polish that is a perfect polish for spring. This is so pale and pretty it reminds me of Easter eggs:)

Overall these polishes are great polishes for the price, at $2.98 each at Walmart you can't beat it! Not all the colors are my taste but great pastels for spring. They all very on how many coats they need but dry time is pretty much right on track. It will run you about $20 for these seven colors. I think that these colors are a great spring addition to any collection, Salon Perfect is a company I'm going to watch in the future for more great colors:)
So what do y'all think of this set of seven polishes, could you do without them or is $2.98 right up your ally and worth a try??
See you tomorrow for the second half of this collection!

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Happy Polishing Everyone!

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