Friday, October 5, 2012

My Birthday Weekend

Hi All!!! I just wanted to share real quick my manicure for my birthday weekend! I got this lovely China Glaze from my wonderful sister. This is Adventure Red-Y which is only one coat! I have a few friends that absolutely love red ;) and I think I have fallen! I hope you enjoy.

So a wonderful friend shared this video and I knew I had to try it out. I took out my bottle of SF (spectra-flair) that was mixed with plain top coat...and started shaking (because the sf will just sit on the bottom of the bottle :/ ). I took out the stuff I usually water marble with and got to work..I dropped in a few drops 3 or 4 I would say. Then just like when I water marble I had my fingers tapped up and dipped my finger in cleaned up around the water and voila! Yes it's super holo and I can't stop staring at my fingers!

Oh how I love this!!! Easiest way to make a manicure holo for me without having to buy another top coat. Thanks Anne for getting me this lovely red!!! I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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