Sunday, October 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Pat!

Hey everybody! Today is my dear sister Pat's Birthday! Help me wish her a Happy Birthday by leaving a comment below:)

Okay on with the show.... so for today I have a cupcake mani to share with y'all. This mani was very similar to the one I did for my birthday, I just tried this one with some glitter. Really super easy to do all you need are some cheap nail brushes and doters. Here are the pictures...Here are your cupcakes Pat!

Now I already took Pat out to lunch the other day and gave her, her present. She loves what I got her, *cough* maybe she will put a picture of them up later *cough*. Here is a little poem I found for her on her special day:)

A sister is a wondrous soul - a birthday poem

A sister is a wondrous soul
A loving heart
A warming whole -
A common bond
That keeps us close
A friend to all
- the best for most.
My sister is the best there is
As quick as light
And full of fizz
She's always there,
Her love is rife
A friend I'll always have for life 

Pat's Spooky Halloween Night!

Now I worked on a little something special... Pat's favorite holiday is Halloween and mine too. So I did a mani just  for Pat ♥ 
Pat this is your Halloween mani:)

Well that's all I have for now. Happy Birthday again to my dear sweet sister, I love you more than you will ever know!
Happy Polishing Everybody:)


  1. Happy Birthday Pat!!! Great looking cupcakes)))

  2. Happy Birthday girly! Enjoy your day Patricia! Love the cup cakes Anne! You did a great job.

    <3 Shannon

  3. Nice post Anne! Happy Birthday again Patricia :) Bea


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