Sunday, June 10, 2012

Waiting Sucks!

Hi there! So True Blood will be back on tonight! I love this show <3 LOVE! After Seeing this mani by the lovely Harri over at TrailerHood Chic I was inspired to try out something for TB <3 <3 Well here it is I did try to make lips (without a stamp since this is free hand)...but I guess I need more practice because it just wouldn't work for me :(...k So my Thumb is a tomb stone, Index is a finger print "in blood", Middle finger is a interpretation of this poster, Ring finger is obviously blood splatter, and Pinkie is bite marks!

Here it is with a top coat of Matte Polish.

I REALLY Loved how this came out!!! Are you a fan of True Blood? Are you watching tonight?
Enjoy your Sunday ^_^ (btw there are lot of mixing going on with colors so I don't really have a list of colors since they are this and that mixed together sorry about that)


  1. Don't watch it but love the design.

  2. Is that a finger print nail on your index finger? It looks pretty neat.

    1. Now I wanna try it! I think it would be cool if you could press it into an almost dry nail and have it stay that way just for the texture. I think I might hafta try it.

  3. Nice! I can't wait for tonight!!!!

  4. love the bleeding eye and the show of course, can't wait.

  5. Ty for the link love! I'm slow on reading my posts today!


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