Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nail Art Wednesday.....Start of Summer

Today is the first day of summer! Let's enjoy it...For today's manicure I used a white base to get my color's to pop a bit more and then I took my pink (Electro Candy) and with a nail art brush I swiped downward towards the tip (stopping at the middle) doing all of my fingers...While my pink was still wet I swiped (with the same brush--but cleaned) from the middle to tip with my orange (Tangerine Scream)..I then repeated the process...this is how it turned out! 

I was then thinking of stamping since I haven't done it in awhile and miss it! So I took out my Konad M57 plate..and my KleanColor's in Metallic Pink and Metallic seemed to fit at the time...coated half of my plate with pink and half with orange and stamped!

I'm not sure if I like how this turned out with the stamping...but C'est La Vie! I hope everyone enjoys your first day of summer! ^_^
What's on your nails right now?


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