Friday, June 8, 2012

Pop Art on Fire with a Spell!

Hello Everyone today I have for you a layering experiment...I saw something similar on pinterest! A purple with a flakie over it and I fell in love but never did it! Well as I put on Finger Paints Pop Art Purple which is a great neon purple... I thought to myself that I should try it I did! (I know there is a vnl but you couldn't see those irl)

 My itty bitty bottle of Fantasy fire is what I grabbed before Elle's Spell so this is what I used... I didn't get as much of the awesome color that the bottle holds but it was lovely!

 ^ inside picture to show you that it really GLOWS!

 And last but not least Elle's Spell over all that for a little bit more something... it was very eye catching without it but I wanted the flakies! I love the combo...Which I will probably wear again soon (but without the FF because it's such a tiny bottle).

What is your favorite layering combo?

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