Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nail Art Wednesday: Flag Manicure

Hey all! This manicure was so much fun to create! I started with a white base then stamped with the Salon Express Stamping Kit S22 (my kit came from Sally's) plate using KleanColor Metallic Blue...I didn't really stamp straight but I did try..(I'm sure I could have made it straight if I was willing to tape up my nail but this worked just fine). AFTER that dried I top coated my nail and let that dry...I actually stepped away because I have been known to ruin a manicure when I thought it was dry and it wasn't...came back taped over the blue stamping part. Then I took some tape and just cut strips and after putting that on my nails I painted over it with KleanColor Metallic Red! I took the tape right off as soon as I was done and let it dry because KleanColor are known to bleed with topcoat.

I'm really happy how this came out! It took a little time but I like it!

Thanks for checking us out again today make sure you check back Thursday , Monday and the 4th for More 4th of July Manicures!


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