Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Holographic Quick Shot....Something I mixed together

Hi all..Today's Holographic Quick shot is something I mixed together. I made this last summer when I mixed some spectra-flair in with a few other colors...I don't remember because I was just mixing till I got what I was looking for. Here are the pictures. 

I love that it's a baby blue and it has a beautiful holo touch to it. Have you made/mixed polishes with Spectra-flair?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Zoya's Irresistible Collection Review

Hey everybody:) Today I have the Zoya Irresistible Collection for y'all, that was sent to me for review. If you are look for a lot of sparkle for your summer look these polishes deliver. The Irresistible collection is a sparkly complimentary set for the Stunning collection.

Kerry is a yellow/gold foil metallic. I think this polish is a great gold and would look awesome with a white outfit in the summertime, maybe if your going to a white party!

Amy is a red orange foil metallic. Now this polish I think is my favorite out of the collection, this polish looks amazing with a tan! Love this color!!!

Tinsley is a rose gold foil metallic. I like this one also just because of the colors that jumped out at me and the way it complemented my skin. Maybe think of it a great color to wear with that new swim suit!

Bobbie is a hot magenta pink foil metallic. When I looked at this polish all I could see was the silver in it and thought maybe not that great, but when I got outside it was right on with the description. Really would be great for that girls night out!

Hazel is a blue green foil metallic. Well I don't see the green but I did see a bronze and I loved that mixed with the blue! 

Rikki is a fern green foil metallic. Now I'm not a green person and this is why... greens just don't do anything for me and look like yuck on me. I guess on the right skin type this green would look amazing, like my sister Pat!

So overall thoughts on this collection are that if you are looking to add a lot of sparkle to your summer outfit this collection is for you! If shinny things aren't up your ally for summer then skip this collection. I liked most of the colors and thought it was a great complementary set to the Stunning collection but most of the polishes reminded me of to may other colors that were so close in color and that I liked better. So I give this set a maybe, not a home run and not a out just a good 2 base hit!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think of this collection!

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Happy Polishing Everybody!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Random Nail Art

Hi all I had a few ideas for prom but I never go around to posting it so I have changed it to Random Nail Art...Here it is..

First up is China Glaze Angel Wings for tips. Simple but beautiful.

Next up is a base of China Glaze Mega Bite...I then put some striping tape down (uneven on purpose) and covered it with Wet N' Wild Black Cream.

This is China Glaze Mega Bite as a base a few dots done in Black Cream by Wet N' Wild then a dot of Mega Bite over the middle dot. I used a dotter but I know you can find so many things you have laying around the house to do this one if you don't have a dotter (a pen or pencil, toothpicks just to name a few).

This one I started of with Black Cream by Wet N' Wild and I then dragged Mega Bite with a nail art brush from my cuticle area to the tip of my nail.

What do you think? 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zoya Stunning Collection Reveiw

Hey everybody:) Today I have Zoya's new Stunning Collection, which was sent to me for review. I love summertime, and can't wait until it gets here, my kids are out of school and we swim all day and grill out at night ... what a great way to spend summer days. Now Zoya has given me a new reason to love summer this year, their Stunning Collection! These 6 pretties are perfect summer colors, lets get started on all the introductions:)

Here is Darcy, she is a cream yellow that reminds me of the daffodils that are popping out of the ground everywhere right now! Darcy is bright and cheery, would be a perfect color on your nails for Sunday brunches. The polish went on in 2 coats and was amazing outside in the sunshine :)

Thandie is a orange cream (this is how Zoya describes) but I think it looks like a dark peach color. I put this color on and was like this is perfect for the "Southern Sister Polish" girl from Ga! It's a almost a one coat(er) with a touch of shimmer. I love this color, looks great with the tan I'm getting and will look even better when the summer really gets here!

Micky is a coral pink (Zoya's description) but again I think it looks like Miss Piggy Pink! Pretty color great for that pink that goes with just about everything. Try to think raspberry sorbet...YUM! Goes on in two coats and has a slight shimmer.

you can see the shimmer in the bottle

Yana is a darker pink than Micky, this is described as the color of geraniums. That is a perfect description of Yana. So being a girl from Ga, I love this color (it might even be my favorite out of the six, but don't tell the other ones they might get jealous!). Yana goes on in two coats and has a slight shimmer.

Rocky (what a great name) is a serene blue. My first thought was this blue looks like the blue from a turquoise stone, I looked it up and was just amazed how they captured that color perfectly.

doesn't the color remind you of a perfect summer day!

Last but not least is Josie, she is a cream green that reminds me of grass. If you think of all the green of spring and put it in a bottle that is Josie! Now many of you know I'm not a fan of green but this one might grow on me, might be great for all the nail art I do!

So overall thoughts on the Zoya Stunning collection is that it is a home run for summertime! All these colors are perfect for summer and I love them all! These are going to be fun at the pool or a BBQ during the summer.
Leave me a comment and tell me what you thought of the collection and if you are looking forward to the summer!
Here is a collective shot of Zoya's Stunning Collection :)

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Happy Polishing Everybody!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Holographic Quick Shot.....HOTTEST PINK!

Hi all today's HQS is from Aly's Dream Polish. I recently won a giveaway that ADP had on facebook and I got to pick out a polish at first I thought it would be purple...but I saw that ADP makes a HOT PINK (it's actually called Hottest Pink)!!! I was sold I have been looking for a hot pink holo for the longest time...just nothing jumped out at me...I figured this was my shot to try it!! Here is Hottest Pink.

I loved this color on me! It's such a great hot pink I love love love it! I'm actually thinking of getting a backup when it comes back in stock...oh you can find Aly's Dream Polish shop HERE, Facebook HERE..ADP really has some great colors I hope you will check them out!! 
What do you think is hottest pink a great summer color or what?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Sail Away!

Hey everybody:) Today I have a really cute mani I did in honor of fleet week, sad to say that fleet week was cancelled do to the cut backs (BOO!). Anyway, many of you might remember a mani I did last year called Ahoy... I loved that mani as many of you did too.

Here is a picture of that mani and this is the LINK.

So for a while I have wanted to do something along the lines of  a nautical theme. I had drawn some ideas earlier this year and set the notebook aside, well while I was cleaning off my desk I found the notes. I got started choosing colors and what I wanted to do (exactly). I used Zoya Snow White for the tips and the wheel, and used a sparkly red from Hot Topic for my accent nail and the red lines.

I hope y'all enjoy this new mani I call Sail Away :) This is dedicated to all the men and women that serve this country and put there lives on the line for our freedom, Thank You!

So what do y'all think of this new nautical themed mani? I'm loving it, I really love the fact that I found a way to wear a red in the spring/summer time:)

Happy Polishing Everybody!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Water nail decals from Born pretty

Hi everyone today I have for you a review for the Born Pretty Store's water decal stickers. I wanted to show you these because I'm sure some of you like me sometimes need that extra umpf on your mani and you might not be the best at free hand nail art. So I picked water decals. all you have to do is paint your nails and let it dry. Then get a bowl of water and trim up the decal, you stick the decal in the water (I used a pair of tweezers that I have on hand to hold the decal) you also need to wet your nail..after about 10 seconds in water place the decal on your nail and and press down lightly and slide the backing off. Easy peasy! In the directions it says to dry your nail with a hair dryer after you remove the excess water and top coat it. ^_^ See a great and quick way to decorate your mani!OH before we take a lookI wanted you guys to know Anne and I have a code with the Born Pretty Store for 10% off your order.. our code is KXL91.

Here I used a base of Essie Where's My Chauffeur? and Nubar 2010. I then took the stars you see above and placed them on my nail. It's really a easy manicure for summer with a great punch with the stars.

Here is a manicure I was wearing before I received the decals and had to try them out asap! It's a base coat of Nails Inc. Baker Street a coat of Northern Lights Top Coat. I put on my striping tape and painted China Glazes White on White over it. I picked these stars (shown above) because I thought they would be perfect for this mani. 

Last but not least I was wearing China Glaze's Pool Party (which I couldn't capture correctly but I still had to show y'all!) I decided to use these hearts because they remind me of the hearts I use to draw in middle school when I would doodle! I love it!!!!

I don't think I can tell you guys how much I love these. They are so easy to work with and take little time to apply that I doubt it would add much time to your regular manicure time. What do you guys think of water nail decals? 

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zoya Summer Pixie Dust Collection

Hi all today I have for you Zoya's new Summer Pixie Dust collection that I was sent for review. These are bright and vibrant and if you loved maybe even liked the previous Pixie Dust collection and are ready for summer colors I think you will love these! Let's get to it. 

Beatrix is described as tangerine metal sparkle. This is 3 coats of Beatrix which really is such a yummy orange that it screams summer and beach to me!

Destiny is described as a coral metal sparkle. This is 3 coats of Destiny which reminds me of the sun right before it goes down the burst of color is so beautiful.

Liberty is described as a blue sugary sparkle.This is 2 coats of Liberty. I actually used a ridge filler base (you aren't supposed to use a base with the pixies) because I hate to have staining and I didn't even want to chance it. I had a few friends tell me it does stain so be careful! Can't you see Liberty as a Forth of July Mani! 

Miranda is described as a rose sparkle. This is 3 coats of Miranda. Miranda is such a beautiful pink it SCREAMS wear me. Such a great color for summer.

Solange is described as a gold metal sparkle featuring "Zoya's exclusive Gold pigment". Solange was a 2 coater and let me tell you I didn't want to take her off! The shine the bling factor reminded me when gold bathing suits where in big time a *cough* few years ago. Really I said to myself this is a color you could wear to the beach then to a club. It's fabulous! 

Stevie is described as a violet sparkle. This is two coats of Stevie. I really like Stevie and it's a great color it just doesn't scream summer to me. I still like it don't get me wrong but it just seems a little odd man out of this collection. It's a beautiful violet and y'all know how I love purples! 

The formula was very easy to work with. Pixies are supposed to be used with out a base and top coat to get the textured effect and you really have to let it dry between coats. I really like this collection and I think if you are into textured polishes and need summer colors you need to grab some because these are HOT! 

What do you think of this collection? When I went to wear one of these I had to make a gradient with the colors! SO bright and summery! I hope everyone has a great day!

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