Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Zoya Stunning Collection Reveiw

Hey everybody:) Today I have Zoya's new Stunning Collection, which was sent to me for review. I love summertime, and can't wait until it gets here, my kids are out of school and we swim all day and grill out at night ... what a great way to spend summer days. Now Zoya has given me a new reason to love summer this year, their Stunning Collection! These 6 pretties are perfect summer colors, lets get started on all the introductions:)

Here is Darcy, she is a cream yellow that reminds me of the daffodils that are popping out of the ground everywhere right now! Darcy is bright and cheery, would be a perfect color on your nails for Sunday brunches. The polish went on in 2 coats and was amazing outside in the sunshine :)

Thandie is a orange cream (this is how Zoya describes) but I think it looks like a dark peach color. I put this color on and was like this is perfect for the "Southern Sister Polish" girl from Ga! It's a almost a one coat(er) with a touch of shimmer. I love this color, looks great with the tan I'm getting and will look even better when the summer really gets here!

Micky is a coral pink (Zoya's description) but again I think it looks like Miss Piggy Pink! Pretty color great for that pink that goes with just about everything. Try to think raspberry sorbet...YUM! Goes on in two coats and has a slight shimmer.

you can see the shimmer in the bottle

Yana is a darker pink than Micky, this is described as the color of geraniums. That is a perfect description of Yana. So being a girl from Ga, I love this color (it might even be my favorite out of the six, but don't tell the other ones they might get jealous!). Yana goes on in two coats and has a slight shimmer.

Rocky (what a great name) is a serene blue. My first thought was this blue looks like the blue from a turquoise stone, I looked it up and was just amazed how they captured that color perfectly.

doesn't the color remind you of a perfect summer day!

Last but not least is Josie, she is a cream green that reminds me of grass. If you think of all the green of spring and put it in a bottle that is Josie! Now many of you know I'm not a fan of green but this one might grow on me, might be great for all the nail art I do!

So overall thoughts on the Zoya Stunning collection is that it is a home run for summertime! All these colors are perfect for summer and I love them all! These are going to be fun at the pool or a BBQ during the summer.
Leave me a comment and tell me what you thought of the collection and if you are looking forward to the summer!
Here is a collective shot of Zoya's Stunning Collection :)

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Happy Polishing Everybody!

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