Monday, April 1, 2013


Hi everyone I have 6 polishes from China Glaze they sent to me to review. My pictures where taken inside because it was very cloudy out so these where taken in my light box. All pictures show two coats over a ridge filler. 

Cosmic Dust is gunmetal. The second picture is taken outside the other two (first and third picture) are inside with flash. I think I would love a pair of shoes that look like this.

Don't Be A Luna-tic is a turquoise aqua. Don't Be A Luna-tic is such a lovely color I really can't wait to wear it again.

Get Outta My Space is powdered violet. Light purple!!!! I think if you are a fan of purples you'll love this one!

Infra Red is a magenta pink. Infra Red is such a great beautiful color that I put it on my toes! It's such a happy color and I need bright since we are having lots of cloudy days lately.

Sci-Fly By is a light silver blue. This is like China Glaze put the sunny sky and rainbows together! Amazing!

When Stars Collide is maroon. To be honest I had my doubts I would like this when I first saw it. I was on the fence. I saw many pictures and it wasn't till I actually wore it that I knew When Stars Collide was for me!

I really like these and I was on the fence about them before but seeing them under lamp light and just looking at my nails has changed my mind! Now they aren't in your face holo but are a very smooth holographic. They tend to look more metallic without direct light. I got a little balding when I went over the first coat (with a few of these) so I would suggest a light hand and you should be fine. I would also suggest the ridge filler or buffing your nails so you don't see every ridge on your nail.

The China Glaze® Hologlam collection will be available in April 2013 at fine salons and beauty supply stores nationwide with an SRP of $14.
You can find China Glaze on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Oh yea I water marbled with them! Yes it works and you have to move a bit faster then a regular water marble because I find that holographic's tend to dry faster. I started with a black base and used all of the colors I have show you from above. 

So what do you think? 

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  1. I am so up in the air about this collection. I've never tried any holo so I'm not sure what to think. Your water marble was fantastic though!

    1. Thanks Paint Those Piggies! I was up in the air also but I really like these!


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