Monday, April 8, 2013

Jamberry Nail Shields

Hi all today I have for you a look at Jamberry Nail Shields. I was sent these for review (from Shea a Jamberry rep) to show you guys. I have for you a look at Delicate RoseSwiss Dot Emerald & Blue, Tangerine Ikat, and Summer Chevron.  

 I applied this as the directions state. I started with cleaning my nail with acetone and since I had already matched up my finger to the samples I was sent I was good to go. I did cut the samples in half before I started then took the half I had matched up with my nail and my blow dryer to warm it up. 10 seconds later I was ready to put it on my nail. Easy peasy I didn't happen to have a rubber orange stick so I used a q-tip and pressed the shield towards my cuticle and and to press down the rest of my nail.I cut then filed (in a downward motion) to get the excess shield off.  10 seconds more under the hair dryer and it was bonded to my nail like the instructions said it would be.

Jamberry says the nail shields last up to two weeks. These are perfect for vacation (spring break!) bring a hair dryer with you (or have on in the hotel room) and stick the sheet of nail shields in your purse or bag and you can put these on in minutes! It's a great alternative then bringing 5 bottles of nail polish and remover and cotton balls. You can remove these with a little bit more heat from your hair dryer or acetone. There are so many designs also!
Want to look at designs? You can find Shea's Jamberry page here which has a sale of buy 3 get one set free.
So what do you think?

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  1. These are really cute designs. I love wearing nail stickers over vacation because they last so long.

    1. Thanks Paint Those Piggies! I really liked the designs also. :)


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