Friday, February 22, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust

Hi all! Today I have for you Zoya's Pixie Dust Collection which are matte, sparkled, and textured. These are 2 to 3 coaters--Chyna, Dahlia and London are 2 coats---Godiva, Nyx and Vespa are 3 coates. For me the lighter colors I could see vnl so I added another coat of polish. Drying time was around 7 to 10 minutes (no base coat as instructions from Zoya's website). Zoya's Pixie Dust Collection feel like a nail file not rough but bumpy. 

Chyna is a wonderful red that sparkles like Judy Garland's shoes she wore when she played Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz (but matte). Such a wonderful bright red. 

Dahlia is black with grey sparkles. Dahlia reminds me of a road that has just been paved but it sparkles brightly.

Godiva is a nude as you can see it's really close to my skin tone but Zoya says that it's good for both warm and cool skin tones.

 London is gray with sparkle. London reminds me of storm clouds right before it rains.

 Nyx is a periwinkle that leans more towards purple for me but definitely has blue in it.

 Vespa is a pretty mint green.

All of the Pixie Dust polishes have a wonderful "sugar sparkle" that is silver glitter that really shines nicely . I liked the textured feel it really wasn't bad or over much. I did have a feeling that it might be overly rough or snag in your hair if you play with it...nope none of those issues at all.

What do you think? Will you try some of these? What is your favorite?

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