Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mariah Carey Get Your Number!

Hi All today I have for you O.P.I.'s Get Your Number from the Mariah Carey collection. Get Your Number is Liquid Sand. Liquid Sand feels like a nail file to me. This beautiful Blue has holographic glitter in it. I had heard these take a bit to dry so I did make my coats thin to see if that would help. It seemed to me (and this is only 2 coats) that thin coats is the way to go...Here are the pictures!

When I top coated it (sorry I forgot to take pictures) this turned into a lovely almost water looking blue. It turned out to be BEAUTIFUL! I won this beauty (and two others from the Mariah Carey collection) from The Beauty Clutch on Facebook during one of her beautiful giveaways! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. 

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