Sunday, October 20, 2013

13 Days of Halloween 2013...Day 2 China Glaze is having a ball...a Monster Ball

Hi all today I have for you three polishes sent to me for review from China Glaze's newest Halloween collection Monsters Ball.  All three I'll be showing are glitters lets get started. 

First up is Bat My Eyes. Bat My Eyes is a Black/olive base with gold glitter and bar in orange and green (that is the way it looked to me). It was really a great sparkle polish. This is three coats of Bat My Eyes. 

Howl You Doin' is a pretty purple jelly with fuchsia, purple glitter. This is 2 coats of Howl You Doin'. Now Purple is a favorite color of mine but I wanted this to be a bit more to me...I do like it but I just wish it BAM'ed a bit more. 

Now here is a great glitter I can get behind...This is Boo-gie Down. I wanted to show how many ways you could wear it so I started with China Glaze's White on White on my Index and Ring fingers, my middle finger has only Boo-gie Down on it, and on my pinkie finger has Cross Iron 360 on it. So this picture is showing one coat of Boo-gie Down which is large, medium, bar and small black glitter...medium copper glitter and medium white glitter. I have to add how much I love this over Orange it just says Halloween to me!!! 

I really liked all of these. Out of the three I received for review I have to say Boo-gie Down is my favorite to wear..I'm not a bar glitter girl but I have to say this is so perfect for Halloween I probably would have picked it up for myself when I found them at my Sally's. Thanks for reading everyone.  I hope you enjoy the rest of 13 Days of Halloween.
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