Friday, August 3, 2012

Zoya Diva Collection

Hi all today I have for you Zoya's Diva collection! So many pretties to show you I think everyone will be able to find a favorite! Let's get started

Daul (2 coats) is violet with metallic "sparkle"...Daul has a way of shifting from violet to the sparkle color which is a rustic gold to me. Very beautiful !

Elisa (2 coats) is a crimson red metallic...when I saw this I knew I had a few "red polish lover friends" out there and I described this as old Hollywood glam with spunk! 

FeiFei (2 coats) is a blue foil with metallic "sparkle"...just like Daul FeiFei tends to shift in certain lights but FeiFei has a few different colors of glitter or "sparkle" in the base.

Ray (2 coats) is pine green. Lovely color I have a few dark greens in my collection made by Zoya and I think this one is probably in my top 5 of how easily it applied and how pretty it is!

Song (one coat) is an Egyptian blue with metallic "subtle sparkle". Ladies I have to say I saw this blue and even in low lighting it stood out!

Suri (2 coats) is a royal purple metallic! Purple has been my favorite color since I can remember (before starting school) so I have a thing with purple polishes and this one doesn't disappoint in any area it's full of shine, and color and it's simply beautiful!

I love the Diva Collection I don't know how many times I can say it or how many ways! The colors are bright (but not to bright for fall) and funky. I can't wait to wear these again! 
What do you think? Do you have a favorite of Zoya's fall collections?

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  1. Great swatches - so many gorgeous colours in this collection!

    1. Thanks Red :) This truly an awesome collection!


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