Friday, August 24, 2012

Floam tip

Hi all today I have for you FLOAM tips :) I got floam from a contest I won. I actually thought I wouldn't like it but boy was I wrong! I have worn floam by it self but it was a tad thick so I decided to change it today I put on KleanColor Metallic Green (one coat). I then did a gradient with floam I really liked how this turned out!

I really like how KC Metallic Green gives floam a nice it blends with floam instead of having to pack it on so it has full coverage.

Do you own something like floam that reminds you of a childhood toy that you just loved?


  1. love this look, but what exactly is floam?

    1. This Floam is a polish made by an indie polish company. But Floam the toy is hard to explain but if you google "Floam childhood toy" it should show you pictures :)


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