Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Nail Art Wednesday......Taped Up

Hey everybody:) Today I have a super easy nail art tape mani for y'all. First off I have to share this with you... I won a Milani summer gift set that was worth $800, okay take a second to digest that...... that's right think all the pretty nail polish and tons more. I will put up a picture at the end of this post:)

On with today's mani:) I went out with my kids the other day and put on a quick coat of Milani Violet Dash, this polish is a one coat polish that is super pretty ♥ . As I was out running around like my head was cut off, I looked down at my mani and thought this needs a little something. So when I got home I looked through the new polishes I had and didn't really see the color I wanted :( But I have a small box on my work desk of polish that haven't been swatched guessed it I found the perfect match, Pop Beauty 63 Mint Magic. These two polishes together are just beautiful ♥.

So here is what I did.....   On all my nails except the ring finger I put on a base of Mint Magic. Let that dry and just to be sure everything would be dry I added a top coat of Seche Vite. Then dug in my drawers and found my nail tape, if you don't have any go to ebay and find some its super cheap. I taped a cross on the top left of my nail and the painted over it with Milani Violet Dash (did the opposite on the ring finger). Super Easy Right!!!! Top coat and you are done:)
Here are the pictures:)

What do y'all think???? I love it and just think its a great combo:) And as I promised here is the picture of the Milani prize I won ( sorry its not the best), it took up most of my table, I had to stand on a chair!

Happy Polishing Everyone!


  1. I love this! The colors are perfect together and so are your lines! Awesome win! :)

  2. This is great, I must try this sometime soon, simple but awesome :D

  3. I want to eat your nails! They look like sweets! Lovely. I shall follow your blog. Lord knows, I hav pinned a lot of your images on pinterest.

  4. Very nice! Excellent!!!


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