Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Take me to the beach! Nail Art Wednesday

Hi everyone today I have for you my play day! I was coming up with a fade to wear and I have been practicing my nail a day at the beach...

So first up is the one I liked the most except for the white. I still have a heavy hand when it comes to some stuff and it just doesn't work but the white is supposed to be light fluffy clouds..and if you look close to my ring finger (second from the right) you will see I added a sail boat ^_^

So after the clouds didn't work I tried out another way starting with blue and ending with orange I like how this turned out because to me this was more of a sun coming up instead of going down ^_^ 

I have to say the fade is pretty easy to do the first manicure I did I had only 3 colors plus black and white...the second manicure I had 4 colors plus black and white. Some practice has gone into me painting with a striping brush. I did have fun making these I always love to see an idea come together!
What is your favorite summer manicure? What are you wearing the most of neon, or bright colors?

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  1. Very nice! Excellent!!!


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