Monday, January 9, 2012

Swatch and Review of SinFul Colors Holiday 2011

Hey everybody :) So I'm so sorry this review and swatch has taken me so long to do, I've been sick and work has been a little crazy. *Face Palm* again I'm sorry for the delay in this review. Okay all that is out of the way....SinFul Colors came out with a holiday collection that was a variety of colors. Here is a picture of the set.

From left to right ...   Fashionista, Last Chance, Daddy's Girl, Out of this World, Sugar Sugar, Midnight Blue and Flower Girl. This set really is a year round set of colors, all basic colors that everybody should have in their own private collection:) 
So that first swatch is  Out of this World. A shiny silver that I applied 3 coats and really wanted to keep going... maybe 4 or 5. Very basic silver that can be used all year, maybe as a accent color or alone. You can never go wrong with a silver. Here is the pictures.

The next polish is Daddy's Girl. This purple I thought would go on a darker but I had to apply 3 coats and again wanted to do more.  The polish has a little glitter to it that really gives it that extra pop:) Picture time.

Next up is Last Chance. This a dark green, a hunter green. My first thought was this would be awesome for St Patrick's day. Now as many as y'all know I'm not a green person, I don't like it, don't wear it and really can't bring myself to buy even polishes that are green.... but this green is a nice hunter green and would be a great addition to any collection. Pictures....

And then I took the Nail Art polish, Flower Girl to do a little dotting art.

Okay next up is Sugar Sugar. This is one of the prettiest red polishes I have ever seen. This would really be awesome for Valentine's day:)  The polish has a nice shimmer to it that catches the light just right. Pictures...

And again I wanted to practice my nail art so I took the nail art polish in Fashionista  to say I ♥ you.

Last but not least I have for you Midnight Blue. This is a basic navy blue that I love to pieces. I have always used black on my toes in the winter and now have found a great blue for those long winter months:) This is going to look great with yellow flowers in the spring and summer months:) Pictures..


So there y'all go the complete set of SinFul Colors Holiday collection from 2011. Over all this is a great "year round" collection, colors for every season not just holiday. 
Happy Polishing Everyone!

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