Sunday, January 1, 2012

Holy Flakies Batman!!!!!! Picture Heavy!

Happy 2012 everybody:) Today I have a treat for y'all.... Finger Paints new Special Effects!!!!! These 5 top coats are the answer to my prayers.... tired of that same old polish, thinking about trashing a few old ones....well think again folks! These special effects will turn your ordinary polish into a totally new polish:) I'm in love(sorry hubby) with all of these and as soon as I saw them I had to have them. 
So lets start this off with Motley, this is a purple and green flake effect. I got all the way home from the store and remembered I forgot this one... yeah I ran right back out and grabbed it ♥ 

Next up is Twisted. This one is my favorite because its AMAZING!!!!!! Twisted has all kinds of color falkies in it... red, green, orange, blue etc:) I can't wait to try this with my other polishes:)

Alright the next one I have for you is Flecked. This one is the one my hubby liked the best:) Flecked has green flakies in it and just shines on top of the black.

The fourth polish I have for you is Flashy. This is a red effect, my daughter was begging for this one:) It almost has a orangie look to it in some of my pictures.

Last but not least is Asylum. This polish has red and blue flakies together, the combination is spot on!!! Its hard to capture the blue in the pictures:(

Well I love this new Special Effect Collection. They have a runaway hit on their hands!
I can't wait to try these effects with my other polishes. So y'all tell me what you think of this new collection, which one is your favorite. I leave you with a New Years Blessing....

On New Year's Day 
and the whole year through, 
I hope the kindness 
you've given to others 
returns many times to you. 
May hope, love, and warmth 
be in your heart's possessing, 
and may the New Year 

bring you and yours 
many blessings

Happy Polishing Everyone:)

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