Friday, January 13, 2012

Spoiled.......Why Yes I Am!!

Happy Friday the 13th Everybody:) Today I'm bringing you some of the new Spoiled polishes by Wet n Wild. I saw these babies in the store and just fell in LOVE. There are 72 shades that can only be found at CVS, they are $1.99 each. Now I couldn't buy all of them the other day but I got 4.... just the ones I couldn't live with out:) All of the polishes have a curved brush ( which I love) and the polish goes on like a dream. 
First up I have Toad-ally Amazing.... this is that light sea foam green that everybody will go gaga over. This was the first polish I picked up from the collection and the first one my daughter wanted:) So here are the pictures.

Next polish up is Black Mamba....its got a bite to it, and I love it ♥ This polish is a dark steal color with a shimmer. Fell in love with the color and the name. This polish is going to rock your socks! I love dark polishes and this one has an extra flare:) Here are the pictures.

Next polish up is Show Me The Money. This polish is a green and yellow glitter bomb!!! Beautiful, many of you know I really don't like green polishes and try not to wear them... this is so pretty I can't help but like it:) Now the glitter goes on a little thin but after a few coats it looks just like the bottle. This is going to be a great St. Patrick's day polish. Here are the pictures:)

Last but not least is Distant Memory. This is a deep teal polish that has a bit of shimmer to it. Now this one went on with a bit of matte to it because of the neon, so I added a top coat on mine to make it super shiny:) What a great color... think a great pair of jeans a white shirt and this polish ♥ Here are the pictures:)

So that is all I have for right now *wink, wink* . I'm defiantly will have more colors for y'all when I get some more money:) What great polishes and what an awesome price! So have y'all seen these at CVS and have you picked any up???? Tell us which ones you have and which ones you can't wait to get!
Happy Polishing Everyone:)


  1. Black Mamba is unlike any other color I own right now. Wow, it's a beauty! Thanks for the heads up on these polishes, I've never heard of them before, but they're probably replacing the Confetti polish line they discontinued last year!

  2. love it!!! I picked up black mamba too! I want to see if they stamp!

  3. Y'all I love Black Mamba....what an awesome color:)

  4. Hi ladies! :) I am delighted to have found your blog! Being a 'Southern Girl' too, I love what I have seen so far. I recently bought Spoiled: Distant Memory, got it home, did a mani and realized it is the color of the eyes of a lifelong dear friend who passed 9-14-12. Wow! It is such a beautiful color. Have a great weekend! Be safe, God bless!

    1. Hey Pinky:) We are so glad you found our blog and hope you enjoy reading. Sorry about your friend (hugs). Thanks for the comment. ♥ ~Anne~


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