Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Glitter for Everyone:)

Hey everybody:) Today I have a quick post about two China Glaze's I picked up from Sally's the other day (they were super cheap!) First one I have for y'all is CG in The City. This polish has a purple under tone and a lavender glitter everywhere ♥ This polish is from China Glaze's Fall 2011 collection, and I was super lucky to find it at Sally's:)  This was super hard to get any good pictures of... so you will notice that it may look like a different polish in each picture. So here are some pictures for you.

Next I have for you is Skyscraper ♥ . This polish is a BLUE Glitter BOMB!!!! And super pretty on, I had to wear it to work the next day and show it off:) Blue Glitter.... what else do you need??? Nothing!!!! I saw this one in the store and it was like it was calling my name....Anne (in soft whispers) you know you need me, please take me home!) LOL. So here are the pictures ♥ 

So that's all the news that was fit to print today:) Have y'all ever went to the store for one thing and come out with polish instead??? If so do you remember what you needed when you got home, when it was to late? Ha!
Happy Polishing Everyone:)


  1. those are such amazing glitters! great find :D

  2. thanks Samantha:) I hope to find more this weekend:)


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