Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wicked Sweet!

Today I have for you wonderful ladies Color Club Wicked Sweet from the Wicked Sweet Collection that I won from the St. Patrick's Day Contest that I entered on Color Clubs facebook page! Wicked Sweet is a very nice blue with blue flash that to me smells like blue fruit roll-ups (it has a really SWEET smell that is almost to much)! My pictures are 3 coats of Wicked Sweet, top coat, then I tapped half the nail and put on my loved silver from Finger Paints "Easel Come, Easel Go!", and I couldn't stop there I popped some tape back on and decided to play with my M57 plate...Here are the pictures!

See here it is one of the thoughts running through my head for a few days now my index is how I pictured it nice and shiny. My middle finger I put China Glaze Matte Magic because I just wanted to see how it looked. Ring finger has my konad blue special polish stamped with because I wanted to see how close it was to Wicked Sweet and it's pretty darn close that I would so wear this again! My pinkie has my konad purple special polish which I just put on because I just wanted to play with it I guess.

I have a few more things I will be trying out with this collection probably spread out in the next week and a half since I'm in the mood for summer and the colors in this collection scream summer (and spring) to me!

Tell me what do you think I'd love to hear feed back and know your thoughts!
Until next time ladies enjoy the rest of your day!

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