Sunday, March 6, 2011

Hologram with Techno Teal

What I have for you today is the beautiful Hologram from the Tronica collection. I used 3 thin coats of Hologram plus my top and bottom coats. It dried quick to! I think for me Hologram alone was a bit to much so I added Techno Teal with the help of Bundle Monster plate 19 and loved it so much are the pictures!

I had to double stamp my thumb because bundle monster makes small full nail designs but it turned out alright for me...

Mmmm holo-goodness! I just love Techno Teal so much that it was had not to pick this when I first got the colors because I knew I wouldn't want to take it off! I do have a haul post up next since I picked up a few more things on Friday (got laser lime!) I have been trying to come up with nail designs for a contest so I will have those also..
So tell me how do you like Hologram? Is it holo-y enough for you?
Until next time Ladies enjoy your day!


  1. Love it! Good to know that you can stamp with Tronica!

  2. I'm dying...Here I am pondering over an Ulta Haul when I really need these too!!


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