Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Aloha everybody! I hope you ladies have had a great weekend, all it did here was rain(yuck). But that does give me time to think of new ideas for ya'll ( in between running after kids and dogs, lol). I was going to try water paint, take that back I did try water paint but it went terribly wrong:( So I came up with this Aloha Idea:) This really reminds me of  being on a beach with a good drink in my hand and the sand in my toes. Really super easy to do, I did use the sticker dots to help make the tip, I started off with Zoya Ali for the tip, O.P.I. Pearl of Wisdom for the base, So Easy Stripe Silver, and Kiss Art Stickers to finish it off. 

Kiss Art Stickers, Zoya Ali, O.P.I. Pearl of Wisdom, So Easy
Stripe Silver

This is one of my favorite manicures to do during the summer. Love the way Zoya Ali is so bright and cheerful, the way O.P.I Pearl of Wisdom shines with an iridescent pink. The Kiss Stickers were really easy to use and just brought that extra something to the mani.

Aloha Mani

I hope you ladies try this one out, it will take you to that beach you've been dreaming of.
I can here the water now, its call my name... Anne come to the beach. LOL 

Well thats all for now ... ALOHA everybody!! What your  favorite summertime mani???

Southern Sister Polish

P.S. Stay tunned here for some awesome April news , Coming Soon!!!!


  1. I personally love this mani. I will try it sometime ! It's absolutely adorable !

  2. Thanks Toyomi, it was super easy. If you do try it lets us know and send us pictures.


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