Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My love for Zoya!!

My love for Zoya is growing bigger everyday! I just received the Intimate Collection from them. The one thing that I have to mention first is how fast I received the collection, ordered on 3/8 and it was at my door 3/12! SUPER FAST!!!!  Zoya was running  a woman day special and I got the collection for $25! Wow so if  you don't know go to their facebook page at and like them to get in on their great deals!!!!
Here is a picture of the entire Intimate Collection. In love with them all, can't wait to try Danni I've seen a lot of blogging about this color. Danni is the dark purple one at the bottom right.

Zoya's Intimate Collection
Marley,Dove,Caitlin, Danni,
Jules, & Gemma

This next picture is of Gemma. I LOVE this green, and as a girl who has two items of clothes in her closet that are green (not a green lover) that says a lot. The color itself is green with a pinkish, purplish  iridescent shine to it. 

Zoya's Gemma
This next picture is of  Gemma with Jules over it. Now I already said that I wasn't a green girl, so this is how it turned out.  I used two coats of Gemma and then one coat of Jules, perfect. It lasted about 3 days with no chipping and no top coat! So I think for St. Patrick's Day Gemma is my color.  

Zoya's Gemma and Jules

Okay this last picture is for fun ... I really had crazy compliments on this duo. I can't wait to try more of this collection. 


So tell me groupies do you own any Zoya polish, what colors do you have and how much do you love it?????
Until next time lovelies, Happy polishing!
Southern Sister Polish


  1. I LOVE ZOYA!!! I love that they don't use the nasty chemicals, they always have such great promos, and the colors are beautiful, and the formula is great and always looks wonderful, AND (this is turning into quite the run-on sentence!) it lasts so long on the nail! :)

    I'm not a fan of the Intimate collection, with the exception of CAITLIN! She is gorgeous!!! :)

  2. @ Amy
    thanks for the comment, My love for Zoya polish grows bigger every time I get a new polish. They really know their polish there. Caitlin is so beautiful, the light purple really is a great nail color:)


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