Sunday, March 13, 2011

Color Club Alias!

So I have been hitting Ross this past couple of days, love that I can get Color Club there and its super cheap. The Alter Ego set is only $7.99! Awesome:) Okay So just to let you guys know my cuticles look like crap...I've been sick for a while and they were last on my mind. So here is a shot of my sets.

And here Alias, this one is from the Alter Ego collection, I really got tons on complements on this purple!

I just wish it would wear a little longer, but all in all I think that Color Club Polish has a lot of great colors, the wear is pretty good, and the best part I can get it super cheap!

Just a quick side note I follow Zoya polish on Facebook and they had a really great deal the other day with polish... the Intimate Collection for $25 and free shipping! Happy Dance! Thanks to Zoya for running such great deals:)

So groupies tell me what great deals are out there and what your nail color is right now???
P.S. We have something special planned for April so stay tuned :)

Until next time Happy Polishing !
Love, Anne
Southern Sister Polish


  1. Hi! Love your blog! I found you from the Zoya blog discussion page!

    ~ Di

  2. Cupcake's Mommy, Thanks so much, stay tunned we have some exciting stuff for you girls next month! Thanks for reading!
    Anne from
    Southern Sister Polish


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