Sunday, March 27, 2011

Time for a hard lemon-limeade (Picture Heavy!)

Good Morning Ladies last week while I was having fun with the nice weather, grilling and drinking adult beverages of homemade hard lemon-limeade so when I went to paint my nails and grabbed Get Your Lem-on from Color Clubs Wicked Sweet Collection I knew what I was going to do! I wanted a gradient look which is one of the looks I love to do because it is quick simple and looks great. So I started with 3 coats of Get Your Lem-on which has a lovely green shimmer to it and smells like super sweet lemon candy!

See that shimmer oh my gosh I have so much love for neon yellow! I'll tell you when I use to get acrylics done about 10-11 years ago I use to get Neon Yellow once in the while in the summer...After that I decided to grab my The Lime Starts Here from the wicked collection (neon green doesn't smell like lime to me though!) if I could go back I would pick out my other neon from color club that has a shimmer to it so it would kinda blend more...oh well c'est la vie! Then I decided I needed something else and grabbed for my fimo Lemon and Lime of course and stuck them on with my bubbly top coat just to see if I could and while it took longer then my nail glue it worked great!

I still wasn't done I looked at it and thought (sometimes I go to far! lol) where is my HARD! so I grabbed my China Glaze Fairy Dust! This manicure would have stayed on longer if I didn't want to change my color for the weekend! Four Days!!!! I'd like to point out that the green did stand out more then the pictures show...

Oh how I love gradient looks one of my favorites right up there with french manicures. I can't wait for more Sunny weather (it's nasty thunderstorms here right now) and for more Summer time manicures. I hope you Ladies had a wonderful weekend. ^_^

So tell me what you do you think of the gradient look?

How long does your manicure usually last before you get bored or it chips?

Until next time enjoy polishing those nails! I'm off to see if I can get some shots of my nails before it starts to rain again.


  1. This gradient came out great! The colors remind me of one of the Claire's mood polishes :)

  2. Wow, That is awesome, especially with the sparkles. I need to try something like this, but I think I will go with the pink and blue from that collection...make it look like bubble gum. :) oh, and my polish changes daily. I get bored with it very quickly...except for Faye who has been on since Thursday. :D (she will get changed tonight, though.)

  3. Thanks Ladies ^_^

    @GothamPolish it reminds me of that to without the chipping!

    @Jenprewitt I'd love to see what you come up with!

  4. This is SO CUTE!

    Here lately, I've been changing mine daily, because of my poll.... After that's over, I might go back to every 2 days. lol

  5. @Amber I have enjoyed seeing your swatches! I like doing swatches also but love doing manicures like this a bunch more!

  6. this looks so cool!!!! i get thirsty just looking at your nails haha :)

  7. @Crystaliciousss Thanks so much! ^_^


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