Monday, September 8, 2014

Zoya will Entice you this fall

Hi all today I have the Zoya Entice collection (that was sent for review). Most of these are two coaters and one actually I was very close to using one coat. These are great fall colors. All of these are shown with no top coat.

Claire is a very deep burgundy and went on in two coats. Clair is such a deep color but in the sun you could see it really shines.

Genevieve is a cool leather grey.  Genevieve I just wasn't feeling it could be I'm still in Summer mode but it was just to dark for me right now. Other than still being on summer time I do love the grey that it is!

Margo is a red plum. I found Margo more red then purple like the swatch on Zoya's web site. On the web site it shows more Purple. Still a beautiful color! 

Nyssa is a milk chocolate brown. Nyssa lives up to the description in two coats you have a nice milk chocolate brown that is great for fall.

Ryan is an indigo. Honestly I saw it more as a deep navy.  I see it more of a Navy then leaning anywhere near an indigo. This is the one I almost used one coat on! BEAUTIFUL navy in one coat yes! I can see myself using this for a quick weekend manicure in the fall!

Veronica is a red wine. Veronica is such a pretty color I can see this for fall or a Christmas color. The second picture index finger shows of Veronica's true deep red color.

I really enjoyed all the colors even though some are too dark for me right now...but will be perfect for fall. Zoya's formula was spot on for all of these. They will look great on for the fall or right now if you are feeling it!
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What do you think of the Entice collection? Are you ready for fall colors?
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