Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Zoya Ignites this fall!

Hi all I'm back with Zoya Ignites collection (that I was sent for review). All of these colors went on in two coats but again like the Entice collection there was one I could have gotten away with only one coat. 
Autumn is a beautiful copper with copper metal shimmer that screams fall. I know in fall/autumn I have seen leaves this beautiful orange color in my travels. So Autumn is a spot on color for fall.

India is a deep red with gold metal shimmer. India is a great fall color and again I see deep reds, oranges when the leaves are changing and this automatically made me think of fall. 
Remy is an indigo with copper and gold metal. When I put this color on my nails I knew it was a winner in my book...not to indigo (straddling that line between purple and blue) to me but still such a beautiful color. I can see myself stamping this with mermaid scales! 
Sansa is a deep eggplant purple with gold metal sparkle.  Such a pretty color I know I love a good purple but this color fell a little flat to me. I can't exactly put my finger on what it is but it seems just to be an ok color to me right now. This color could have been one coat but for picture purposes I used two. 
Teigen is a pink toned cranberry with copper metal shimmer. Teigen is a lovely color and the description nails the color to a T. I love the copper shimmer in Teigen because it makes it shine and pop a bit more with it.

Yuna is warm grey with copper and gold metal shimmer. Yuna and I just didn't make it. I didn't care for the shimmer with the color. I'm not sure what color shimmer would have been better with grey but I just don't care for the copper and gold. 
Here it is the Ignites collection. I'm totally sold on all of these colors (except Yuna). Great colors for fall and into winter. What is your favorite color in the Ignite collection?

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What do you think of the Entice collection? Are you ready for fall colors?
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