Friday, September 5, 2014

Purple is my Crack and Candy is Dandy!

Hi all today's post is what I'm wearing this weekend (I was sent these for review)! I wasn't 100% sold on wearing Purple is my Crack until I put it on! You need to know this color is gorgeous!! It's purple jelly with micro holo! It shines in the sun so much so when I went to take the pictures I said oh boy! This one I can see myself getting distracted with. I'm putting it on my toes as soon as I need a color change which might happen sooner than I need one.
I decided to wear Purple is my Crack with Candy is Dandy because I was in the mood for purple! For me you can't go wrong with purple the more purple the better!!! Candy is Dandy didn't disappoint either....a smooth orchid crelly (crème jelly).

Yup I'm ready for this weekend! What's on your nails for the weekend?

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