Thursday, June 20, 2013

NEON water marble!

Hi all! Today I have for you a NEON water marble! I don't think everyone could possibly know how happy I was to find that I could wm with these colors! I absolutely love neon's in the summer and wanted to do a wm many times with them. You see or may know that neon's dry fast and don't wm well v_v sad face! I tried this combo of China Glaze's Orange Knockout and Celtic Sun (with a base of white). Now seeing the pictures my camera decided to wig out >.< but I think I'll use a base of White with Celtic Sun on top then wm next time I try this so there aren't as many patches with the color (from polish being to thin in areas or just me messing it up with the line up of my tape). 

I really loved this and might just give my neon's a try again for water marbling.
I hope you liked it and will give it a try!

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