Friday, March 15, 2013

MS awareness mani

Hey everybody! Today I have a MS awareness mani for y'all! This is a disease that affects 2.1 million people, so I wanted to take a day to spread some awareness!

Here is a little info on MS:
Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects women more than men. The disorder is most commonly diagnosed between ages 20 and 40, but can be seen at any age.
MS is caused by damage to the myelin sheath, the protective covering that surrounds nerve cells. When this nerve covering is damaged, nerve signals slow down or stop.
The nerve damage is caused by inflammation. Inflammation occurs when the body's own immune cells attack the nervous system. This can occur along any area of the brain, optic nerve, and spinal cord.
It is unknown what exactly causes this to happen. The most common thought is that a virus or gene defect, or both, are to blame. Environmental factors may play a role.
You are slightly more likely to get this condition if you have a family history of MS or live in an part of the world where MS is more common.

This is my mani for MS awareness :) 

My uncle has MS so this is very dear to my heart. If you have to pick a color to wear this week (and I know it's St.Patrick's Day on Sunday) think of orange (maybe accent that green mani with a orange nail!). 
"When you think outside your world, you might change someone's life!" ~Anne Medina-Miller(me)~

Happy Polishing Everyone!


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