Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Born Pretty Stamping

Hi all today I have for you a review for the m30 stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. Stamping for me is really something I like doing. This is the Stamping plate I received from Born Pretty to review. 

As you can see there is a Cat, Dog, Frog, Lady Bug, Monkey, Pig and a Rabbit. I wanted to show you each cute little stamp so I did a manicure for each animal stamped in a different color. 

The Cat I used Sally Hansen South Sea Pearl as a base and stamped (from left to right) with KleanColor Metallic Orange, Sapphire, Black and Purple. 

 The Dog I used Lavender Cloud as my base stamping with (left to right) KleanColor Metallic Mango, Fuschia, Black and Red.

The Frog I have China Glaze White on White as my base with stamping done in (left to right) KleanColor Metallic Orange, Green, Aqua and Fuschia.

The Lady Bug I used China Glaze White on White and stamped with (left to right) KleanColor Metallic Red, Aqua, Pink and Green.

The Monkey I used a base of Revlon Bonsai with stamping done in (left to right) KleanColor Metallic Orange, Black, Mango and Sapphire.

The Pig I used a base of China Glaze Sugar High Stamped with (left to right) Sally Hansen Ruby Diamond, KleanColor Metallic Purple, Fuschia and White.

The Rabbit has a base color of Sally Hansen Mandarin Garnet stamped in (left to right) KleanColor Purple, Aqua, Black and Red.

I really love this kind of nail art. I wanted to show you all of the stamps on the plate so I could get a feel for the whole plate and you could see everything on the nail. My nails aren't to long right now and I wanted to show how well the images fit/showed on the nail. This plate is great I had no problems stamping at all.  
Anne and I have a coupon code for The Born Pretty store which is KXL91 You can find the plate HERE

You can find Born Pretty Store on Facebook, Twitter.

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  1. You know - this is not something I would go out of my way to buy until I see it used, it is soooo cute!!


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