Thursday, April 28, 2011


Good Morning/Day! Southern Sister Polish is 2 away from 100 followers which is amazing to me! Thank All of you for being followers of our blog! Today I have for you my 3 entries for color clubs art contest..I'm not really great at nail art when it comes to free hand but I can do a french and since I love those are the pictures! (all the colors are color club) I love this and can't wait to wear it again! Simple french with a 3 color flower that I used a dotting tool to make!

NOW this one is my favorite it reminds me of the bbq's over my sister's house we have during spring and summer! Can't wait to put this one back on either!

Here is me free handing it (lol) it just screams spring to me! The best thing I used the wicked sweet collection and it smelled GREAT!

Ok so that is all I have for you today Ladies I hope you have a fabulous day and remember there are only 2 days left for our birthday giveaway!
Till next time!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Peace Love and NAIL POLISH!

Today is a beautiful day! So a busy weekend is over now I have for you today is Finger Paints All You Need Is Color. I picked up fp all you need is love with peaceful purple! I so love glitter the colors of these wow! Seeing how I don't have glitters like these and the other colors in the collection (FingerPaints Peace, Love & Color Summer Collection) didn't wow me...So on to the info I swatched A.Y.N.I.C. for you over Ruby Kisses French White. I wanted to show you how it really looked! So my pinkie is showing off one coat, ring two coats, free-bird (yes yes my middle finger) 3 coats, and my index has 4 coats also these have a top coat and they are NON-BUMPY! Now if you want to wear this as a bling-tastic! manicure I would recommend either a similar base or a black base and you could probably get away with just 2 coats of this! On to the pictures!

I know clean up wasn't done! Sorry but since this was a quick swatch I wasn't to worried about cleaning it up and didn't notice until editing my pictures what a hot mess it was! I think I might be using this color in a gradient manicure soon!

So Ladies tell me what is your favorite summer color?

Also don't forget Birthday Giveaway ends this Saturday!
Until next time ladies have a wonderful day and enjoy your polish!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Paint Your Nails Pink

*This is my opinion (as is everything I post usually is)* So most of you know or have seen the picture about the CEO of J Crew Jenna Lyons painting her young son's nails hot pink! ABC did a story on it if you need to catch up. Everyone is up in arms about this boy having his nails painted and Jenna Lyons saying "Lucky for me I ended up with a boy whose favorite color is pink"...We all had/have our favorite colors I personally don't see a darn thing wrong with her painting HER son's nails pink! I have actually painting my nephew's nails with glow in the dark and matte polish before because he loves to see them glow! I personally find nothing wrong with polish for boys or Men! I don't want people telling me what I can wear just because I'm a GIRL! It's just nail polish people it will come off *rant over* so in support we have my nails painted with China Glaze Sugar High and Anne is wearing China Glaze Heli-Yum. First picture is Anne second is me ^_^.

Please feel free to comment with your opinions about this but let us keep it nice Ladies!

Also please remember when sending in your info for the birthday giveaway you need to send in all the info asked for or your entry will not count! You need to send in the highlighted stuff

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Hope everyone has a wonderful Earth Day! ^_^

Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Flying Dragon with a Fairy on it's back!

GOOD MORNING today's manicure my sister loves (she wears it on her toes but I DON'T SHOW FEET!) and since this is my sister's Birthday Month . I knew I wanted to show all of you this manicure look that my sister LOVED having on her toes last summer! China Glaze Flying Dragon (is a neon purple with blue and pink shimmer) with Fairy Dust (is a holographic glitter bomb) on top I believe that was 2 coats of FD and one coat of fairy dust! So here are pictures of a flying dragon..of course with my base and top coat was added.
oh hello little pinkie nail that shows off the shimmer of pink and blue from Flying Dragon!

I really love flying dragon (hey I'm a purple lover!) when I put it on but when my sister picked out Fairy Dust to go on top it shined!
I think it looks like I have a sprinkle of salt on my manicure here but when you get this manicure out into the sun it's bam! NEON..BAM! holo goodness!

I hope you enjoyed this manicure. Also I wanted to take this part of my post to thank all of you Ladies for stopping by and checking out what we have to say. I never knew how much fun just sharing my manicures would be and I want to thank all of you for leaving comments!

And to my sister thanks for doing this with me ^_^ and I hope you have a wonderful birthday (whenever it happens to be ^_-).

Alright ladies tell me what you think do you want a flying dragon with a fairy?

Hope you have a magical weekend no matter what you are doing!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bundle Monster non-entries

Okay so I have been in and out of the house for the past few days so I haven't cropped or taken many pictures! I have been baby shopping for my nephew that is due in August! ^_^ So today I have for you only a few pictures of my non-entries for the Bundle Monster Contest . This is one of my Zoya's but I can't remember which one I picked and v_v it didn't show up the color it actually is! I do remember I stamped it with Bon Bons Silver seriously Ladies take a good look at that silver it's great! (I have checked a few stores looking for it for the giveaway but no luck so far!) Stamp is from BM15 plate. I have done this same stamp with China Glaze Ruby Pumps ^_^ stamped (same stamp) in white Looked amazing!
This is BM12 (middle finger I added an extra flower) stamped with Sally Hansen Chrome in Aqua Chrome. I made dots with China Glaze Lazer Lime and I think my base color was China Glaze Up All Night! Here it is without the dots!
Okay So I know it's not so much but I love blue with blue and it was one of my favorites but the purple I entered with (OPI DS Original) just took the cake for me! Alright well ladies thanks for stopping in to check this out! Enjoy the rest of your day ^_^

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dinosaur Hide

Today's Nail Fail is brought to you by the letter D for Dinosaur! Ok so I started off with 2 coats of bon bons blue metallic covered in a mini blue glitter sally girl then I covered it in China Glaze Crackle. Now when I went to go and crop my pictures and I knew because I didn't clean up yesterday I was going to have rough pictures but I didn't know how rough! Seriously why didn't anyone tell me I had a Dinosaur hide on my nails ...ok I warn you the pictures are pretty bad (I'm my worst critic) and I noticed I needed to file my nails down too! v_v alright well check it out a FAIL in my book!
Since I wouldn't normally ever show anyone pictures of this I will try to put up another post tomorrow to hide this one for awhile!

Until next time Ladies don't forget to enter our Birthday Giveaway and join us over on Facebook
and tell your friends! ohh yea I know I mentioned this before but I entered the Bundle Monster contest (my entry) voting starts tomorrow and I don't want to tell you to vote for me (I would love for you to though) I just want you to go check out the entries and vote for the one that you think should win! That's all for today Ladies thank you for stopping by my neck of the woods for a little bit! ^_^

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Born Pretty

Good Afternoon Ladies I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I know a few of you are checking out the bornpretty facebook page for the free Hello Kitty image plate (code out tomorrow) and wanted to show you the images that are on the plate. The first two are stamped with bon bons blue that I have put in the giveaway (this was stamped with my own of course!) and the others are bon bons silver!
And this is something I tried out using the dolphins. Which I will be doing again soon because I loved it so much! I used Konad special polish in blue to do the dolphins and my tips are done in Sally Girls Dumped.

Enjoy the rest of your day Ladies!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Pink is on my mind!!

So the other day Pat and I painted a play house that our mom asked us to paint... just to let everyone know I am the messiest painter ever! Needless to say I painted everything including Pat:) But later that day she painted and stamped my nails, so I guess she forgave me. Pink is one of my favorite colors for spring and summer, it looks good with and without a tan (for my pale girls like Pat, LOL). And I love to add a little something extra to make my mani look fab! With this mani Pat took my Kleancolor~ Neon Pink and did the tips and put Orly~ Love Each Other as the base, then after that had dried she took Konad plate M03 and Konad special polish Black Pearl and stamped stars. After that she took Kleancolor~Holo Pink over the tips. 

Here are the colors I used!

I hoped that the picture captured the sparkles in the Orly polish. This color is awesome for a base for tips *loves*!!!!

Kleancolor, Orly, and Konad Stamp

So I myself have no Konad Plates so I have to go over and visit Pat to use hers. This way I can get her to do it for me;)  Maybe someone will get me a Konad set for my birthday:)

I just like doing Collages:)

Well I hope everybody has a great weekend!!!!
FYI I don't think anybody has guessed my birthday right yet... Hmmm, what day, what day???? 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday Contest! CLOSED!!!

Good afternoon Ladies I hope everyone is having a great day.  Since the month of April is Anne's Birthday month we decided to have a Birthday Contest to celebrate!  Here is what one lucky follower will win.

 6 mini nerd scented polishes (in Wild Cherry, Strawberry, Grape, Watermelon, Wild Berry and Lemonade scents)
 Barielle Natural French Manicure Kit (tip guides, Cherish, Enduring and Top Shield)

 Claire's Venomous and Color Club Total Mystery

 KleanColor Melon Green, Holo Pink

 Ruby Kisses No name glitter (RNP139), Baby Blue (RNP40)

 Claire's Bright Skies, NK Turquoise (044)

 NYX girls NGP139, NGP116

Here are a few more added in
Fimo flowers

Fimo Fruit

 Star Rhinestone
Pure Ice Busted, Heart Breaker (both are for layering), and the bon bons is a light blue I thought would be great for a base for Heart Breaker.

We also have (as you can see in the first picture) a nail file, clipper and tweezer set, Bath & Body Works PocketBac (sweet pea), and a packable tote from Eddie Bauer. We also might be adding more!

The Contest will run from April 5, 2011 to April 30, 2011  11:59pm est
This contest will be open to U.S. followers only (sorry at this time we can't afford to send internationally)
You must be over 18!
You must follow publicly

You will need to email us at with the subject as Birthday Contest
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