Friday, April 8, 2011

Pink is on my mind!!

So the other day Pat and I painted a play house that our mom asked us to paint... just to let everyone know I am the messiest painter ever! Needless to say I painted everything including Pat:) But later that day she painted and stamped my nails, so I guess she forgave me. Pink is one of my favorite colors for spring and summer, it looks good with and without a tan (for my pale girls like Pat, LOL). And I love to add a little something extra to make my mani look fab! With this mani Pat took my Kleancolor~ Neon Pink and did the tips and put Orly~ Love Each Other as the base, then after that had dried she took Konad plate M03 and Konad special polish Black Pearl and stamped stars. After that she took Kleancolor~Holo Pink over the tips. 

Here are the colors I used!

I hoped that the picture captured the sparkles in the Orly polish. This color is awesome for a base for tips *loves*!!!!

Kleancolor, Orly, and Konad Stamp

So I myself have no Konad Plates so I have to go over and visit Pat to use hers. This way I can get her to do it for me;)  Maybe someone will get me a Konad set for my birthday:)

I just like doing Collages:)

Well I hope everybody has a great weekend!!!!
FYI I don't think anybody has guessed my birthday right yet... Hmmm, what day, what day???? 


  1. The stars are fun~ pink is my favorite especially the neons in the summer. You should try Orly's Fancy Fuchsia, LOVE~

  2. Freshie that sounds right up my ally. I might have to go shopping soon:) Thanks for the comment.

  3. Did I hear shopping trip soon! wahooo ^_^

  4. This is looks like a lovely bunch of fun!

  5. Yes @ pat shopping... but you are a bad influence so you might have to get the tape over the mouth, lol.


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