Sunday, April 10, 2011

Born Pretty

Good Afternoon Ladies I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I know a few of you are checking out the bornpretty facebook page for the free Hello Kitty image plate (code out tomorrow) and wanted to show you the images that are on the plate. The first two are stamped with bon bons blue that I have put in the giveaway (this was stamped with my own of course!) and the others are bon bons silver!
And this is something I tried out using the dolphins. Which I will be doing again soon because I loved it so much! I used Konad special polish in blue to do the dolphins and my tips are done in Sally Girls Dumped.

Enjoy the rest of your day Ladies!


  1. I bought this plate only cause of the dolphins and thats the only one that didn't pick up. I tryed everything and it won't work, Just my luck!!!

  2. @Karin that is weird the others pick up but the dolphins don't. v_v I thought about it but can't come up with anything because if the others pick up the dolphin one should also! Have you tried talking to bp about it? they might be able to send you another one.

  3. I can't remember where i bought this plate, I bought another one from Chez-delaney with dolphins and it works so i'm happy. I'm thinking the dolphin design just wasn't deep enough.

  4. oh..Well I'm glad you got your dolphins! ^_^


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