Saturday, April 16, 2011

A Flying Dragon with a Fairy on it's back!

GOOD MORNING today's manicure my sister loves (she wears it on her toes but I DON'T SHOW FEET!) and since this is my sister's Birthday Month . I knew I wanted to show all of you this manicure look that my sister LOVED having on her toes last summer! China Glaze Flying Dragon (is a neon purple with blue and pink shimmer) with Fairy Dust (is a holographic glitter bomb) on top I believe that was 2 coats of FD and one coat of fairy dust! So here are pictures of a flying dragon..of course with my base and top coat was added.
oh hello little pinkie nail that shows off the shimmer of pink and blue from Flying Dragon!

I really love flying dragon (hey I'm a purple lover!) when I put it on but when my sister picked out Fairy Dust to go on top it shined!
I think it looks like I have a sprinkle of salt on my manicure here but when you get this manicure out into the sun it's bam! NEON..BAM! holo goodness!

I hope you enjoyed this manicure. Also I wanted to take this part of my post to thank all of you Ladies for stopping by and checking out what we have to say. I never knew how much fun just sharing my manicures would be and I want to thank all of you for leaving comments!

And to my sister thanks for doing this with me ^_^ and I hope you have a wonderful birthday (whenever it happens to be ^_-).

Alright ladies tell me what you think do you want a flying dragon with a fairy?

Hope you have a magical weekend no matter what you are doing!


  1. hehe, I was going through my polishes the other day and I have TWO Flying Dragons!!! obviously I liked it so much I needed it twice...Oddly enough, I don't think I've ever worn it as a full mani...

  2. @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes thanks I love it to!

    @Jen it's a beautiful color I understand why you have 2...I'm almost half way through my bottle!


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