Monday, September 12, 2011

Wishing on a Star!

I'm wishing on a star and hope it will come true! That's part of a song from the Polar Express, Love that song and the way my little girl sings it:) But lets get down to business, Polish business that is!!! I was out with my best girlfriend this last weekend and picked up a few new polishes, I was really out looking for early Christmas presents but all I found was Polish!!! I took her to my local beauty supply store, I was secretly looking for Kleancolor's new chunky holos... no such luck:(
 But I did find these other beauties I couldn't live without, here is a picture of my haul (small as it may be).

From right to left ... NK Nail Enamel-Magical, Kleancolor- Puppy Love and Kleancolor- Silver Star.  I just feel in love with all of them and guess what they are only $.99 each,what a deal! Later that weekend I got home and  wanted to try one and couldn't decide on which one, so I let my daughter pick one and the winner is... *Drum roll* Silver Star! I really love this polish  and had seen it on a lady one day while I was out shopping and put it in the back of my mind to try later.

I need to just say I had to place the stars where I wanted them which took a little bit more time but they where coming out all bunched together. 
I grabbed a tooth pick and then started polishing ... I applied a base coat first, I didn't wait for it to dry before applying Silver Star. You have to kinda dig the stars out with the brush and then place them with the tooth pick, I know that sounds like a lot of work but really it wasn't that bad. *Remember to press the stars into WET polish so they have something to stick to and that way they won't peel up. Here is a picture of the finished look:)

You can always add more or less stars, three was the perfect number for me:) I haven't try the other two polishes yet but I will get  on it nail peeps! I hope you like this new post and leave a comment about what you thought about the polish. Until next time my lovelies, happy polishing!



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