Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stamp This!!!

With Pat away I will play!!!! I haven't had a really good chance to try stamping, so with the other half of Southern Sister Polish (Pat) away I had a perfect chance to try my hand at it. It was a little harder than it looks... it took me a few good tries on paper to get it right. I wanted a simple design to try first and found plate BM-205... perfect! So I went through all the polish I had and came up with these two polishes for a combo, here is the picture of them.

I couldn't get a good picture of the plate so I just left that out. China Glaze Hologram is so awesome in the sunshine that I had to use it as the base. Now I did this mani right before Tropical storm Lee passed over ... so not enough sunshine to take pictures outside. So I hope you can see Hologram and all its glory  in the pictures. I used Hard Candy Mr. Right for the Stamping and it worked out pretty well.  Here is a picture of the finished look.

Sorry this picture isn't the best lets try another up close...

Super pretty!!!! I wore this on my nails for about a week and got tons of compliments at work, my hubby even said that he liked it!!! Now I'm already thinking of which stamp to try next, hmmm???

Tell me whatcha think!!! And if you have tried stamping,which one do I need to try next???

That's all for now polish peeps!


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