Thursday, September 22, 2011

Halloween Ideas

Pat is home finally and we sat down together the other day, throwing some ideas back and forth about Halloween. These are just rough ideas about what we want to do, we have a ton of ideas but wanted to share the few we did the other day with all of you.  The first one is the Frankenstein mani, super cute and pretty easy to do. You can put different faces on them and add just about anything you want. Use any green base, a black crackle for the hair. A dotting tool is easy for the eyes, white then black. That's just about how easy this mani was. 

This next one I did, I wanted to try out a bunch of different looks so I could figure out which one I wanted to do for Halloween... needless to say I liked them all:)  So my first figure is my ghosty, a glow in the dark base with black eyes and mouth. The next one is a sponged base and a spider on top. The next is my attempt at Jack from the Nightmare Before Christmas... not so good for the first try. And the last is my Frankenstein guy, sorry he is upside down.   

Here is another Picture of the Glow in the dark Ghosty. I try to capture the glow for ya'll but as you can see its way harder than it looks! 

I hope ya'll like what we've come up with so far for this Halloween. More to come and if you have any ideas that you would like us to try just leave a comment and we will give it a shot!

Happy polishing everyone!

~Anne and Pat~


  1. I love all of these! Great job!

  2. @thenailaholic thanks we have a few more ideas floating around. might put them up soon:)

  3. Such cutesy designs!! :->

  4. I love them all!! Great job girls =)


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