Thursday, May 26, 2011

Top coat eater!

It's a man eater MAN eater! wait no just a top coat eater but it's so pretty! All three of these pictures have 2 (one thick one quick dry) top coats! Yes that is right two different brands of top coat went over this frosty pink holo and it ate it like there is no tomorrow! Now if you go looking for this Sally Girl polish since I don't have a name but I have a number ABOVE the bar code 812112. This was 3 coats of Man Eater! (ha it has a name!) and like I said before 2 coats of top Man Eater! went on just fine and smooth so the only complaint would have to be the top coat eating. Here are the pictures!

Such a great color I have worn it 2 since picking it up at Sally's....
Now on to the pimping (hehe)
KayJay over at Refined and Polished has silver shatter on in her latest post and it looks amazing, but I am so staring at the Wet N' Wild Caribbean Frost post!!!! Do you Ladies see how beautiful that color is! Amazing! *added to secret wish list!*
Harri over at Trailerhood Chic latest post is all about Zoya Reva that looks stunning on her! Don't forget to check out her Melmer post on where she is going to be storing her polishes I'm so jealous but I'll be looking for one of those soon!

That was fun Ladies thanks for letting me do it! <3 Until next time lovely ladies tell me whatcha got whatcha got on your nails??????? lol ^_^


  1. DUDE!!! I have bought this polish TWICE!!! The first time I gave it to my niece because she liked it so much, the second time because well, it is only could I not...It's pretty. and yes, you are right...there is not enough topcoat in the WORLD to get this smooth. I need to try it with Gelous though...Have you tried it's purple counterpart?!? It's exactly the same...except, well, a completely different color. ;) I will post pics on PAA when I get home.

  2. Awww..thanks for the shout out! I am absolutely in love with that WnW Caribbean Frost...I didn't want to take it off!!!

  3. @Jen I had no idea there was a purple! omg I NEED to go to Sally's asap!!!! can't wait to see those pics!

    @KayJay <3

  4. I hate polishes like that. Thanks for the link love!!! :D


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