Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Happy Birthday to you Girl! I really hope you have a wonderful day!

So Megan at Painting Rainbows birthday is today (go say hi and wish her a happy birthday!) and to wish her a great birthday I put this manicure together I started off with China Glaze Lazer Lime I then stamped it with bm plate 14 with Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Sequin Scandal (that I won from Getcha Nails Did). I topped the cupcake with a glitter I had in my stash of art stuff...then topped it with a larger piece of glitter! Then I thought this is a party mani I need confetti right? so the bigger pieces on the side are supposed to be confetti ...if that wasn't enough I then added Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Hidden Treasure....ok here are the pictures!

So that's what I came up with I know it seems a little much to have on nails but when you are inside you don't see the holo...and outside the holo outshines hidden treasure. Ok so Megan I hope you like it and have a wonderful birthday! ^_^


  1. That is sooooo sweet of you to do this for her, Awwww. She deserves it too, God bless her heart. I really LOVE the design.

  2. Yea yea! Awesome! Cupcake nails!! Thanks so much Patricia!!!

  3. That is just way too cute!!!

  4. Thanks Ladies...

    @PR I'm sooo happy you liked it! ^_^ enjoy your birthday!


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