Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bring on the Funk!

Good Morning Ladies I know I haven't posted in a week (well I did take pictures) but I have just been in a mini funk with polish and this post will show it! Some times I just need to wear black I love the look (no matter my mood). So when I first saw this on some blogs I knew I needed it but it's a matte polish and we all know how matte polish wears...chips quickly right?So when Amber suggested using a top coat between layers of polish..I had to try it. I did base coat, polish, polish, top coat, polish and it stayed for 2 freaking days and then I put a top coat over it and then the next day Konaded it! Ok yea this mani lasted for 4 freaking days which is saying something! (thanks so much Amber for letting us know of the matte trick). This is Zoya's Dovima Matte which is simply BEAUTIFUL it has a wonderful shimmer in it that you can see in the sunny pictures! Here are the Matte Pictures!

Here I added a top coat you really can see the shimmer here.

On the forth day there was Konading! I used ip M57 with Sally Hansen Chrome Nail Makeup in Aqua Chrome (this is an old polish that I'm pretty sure is very hard to find).

I wasn't completely sure that I would like this manicure with the konading because I have this little thing that I don't usually put blue and black together...but I love the look of Dovima all glossed up with a bit of wham from the konad! I'll be editing more pictures this weekend that I have taken since my funk ...also Ladies if you check out the tabs we have added some info on Konading...this is just a few things that I do/use when I konad...I'm also hoping to make a quick tutorial soon of the technique I use to make the fade look what do you Ladies think would you want to see something like that??

So Ladies let me know what do you do to your nails when you are in a funk?

I'll go first I usually wear darker colors or let my nails go naked (which for the past 3 days they haven't had anything on them v_v)! Ok until next time Ladies enjoy your DAY! ^_^


  1. LOVE IT! I've been debating on a darker color though I usually only wear them when my nails are short. I occasionally wear dark colors with long nails though. I think I might go grab a dark color now. :D

  2. DUDE! I totally have all of the SH Nail Makeup Chromes!!! I went nuts when they came out, they were horrible, and lasted less than a day, but I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad i kept them, they are so wonderful for stamping!!!

  3. The design makes the color pop. I love the color on its own though.


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