Saturday, May 21, 2011

Minnie Mouse

So I have been having a rough couple of weeks and haven't felt like doing anything. I finally got off my ass and decided to do my nails:)  This is my Minnie Mouse look, I have Red polish on my toe nails and I did a black tip mani with  polka dots for my finger nails. This is one of my favorite looks for the summer, you can do this with any color combo. Just remember to take your time and have a good polish remover handy:) So here is a picture of my toes first, I read some place that guys love the color red on toes:)

OPI color so hot it berns!

As you can tell I just did a regular mani on my toes... remember boys love red♥
Sorry the picture isn't so good, I promise to do better next time:)

And here is a picture of my nails... Love this look it goes with everything and everybody that sees it wants to know where you got your nails done:) Super easy to do, use your dots and cut them in half so you can get your french look on with little or no clean up. Then use a dotter to do the dots and top coat and your done. Super easy and almost no time to do!

Wet n' wild black Pearl and Kiss white

So ladies tell me what you think and if maybe you have tried this???? I think I'm going to have to do my toes with the French tip with dots... Now only if I could decide on colors, lol:)

Until next time, Happy polishing!!!



  1. i love this so simple :)

    shel xx

  2. Thanks Shel, I love this look too, so simple and goes with everything:)

  3. So cute! I'm not sure I could get my dots that perfect though. :)

  4. Lindsay, I don't have a dotter so I use a tooth pick...Really a tooth pick works for those fine dots:) Thanks, I hope you try it and it works out:)

  5. I love it! So simple but perfect. I'll have to try this. =)

  6. so cute. i love polka dots and will have to try this!


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