Monday, January 24, 2011

Water Marble!

I have been reading My Simple Little Pleasures for awhile thinking that I would try water marbling...I did give it a shot before with my niece's hand but it just didn't work...this weekend I had some free time and after watching MSLP videos the night before I got a bug...the colors I used Zoya Kelly as a base coat (2 coats) that I was testing to see if I wanted to wear it...I picked out a few colors that I thought might work

Klean Color-Pastel Purple
NYC-135A Love Me Red Cream
China Glaze-Rainbow
                    Temptation Carnation
OPI-DS Original
Sally Hansen-Purple Potion
                     Emerald City
I think I also had a few other pinks in this mix (thumb and index) but I didn't write those down.

Now I started with filtered water from my fridge and let it sit while I got set up. I put out my bowl, nail polish (unscrewed tops) , paper towels, and a bamboo skewer. I tested my water with my finger to see if it was warm wasn't I then put it in the microwave 10 seconds testing back on for 10 seconds. I started building my bulls eye and came out with this.. 

                                         v_v FAIL!

It is to thick and bubbles!  So I took out the color I thought that was messing with MY water marble WIN! By the end (ring and pinkie fingers) I was using only 3 or 4 of my original colors. My ring finger is what I was trying to achieve a nice little flower like design.

I just swirled the polish for my index finger, and tried to make a design for my free bird / middle finger and with my pinkie I dragged the points and then swirled the colors a bit and viola I was done..
                                          My favorite finger ^ soooo Pretty! that color next to Emerald City is Rainbow or Temptation Carnation...with Purple Potion also in the mix...

Now I will be trying this again with my easily found also nail polish my NYC, and Sally Hansen worked great so those will be in the bunch.  I love how the green shows up just beautifully it just POPS for me. Now I don't want to say it was easy job doing this I think with practice I will get better and since I like it so much I'm going to keep at it because I want to be able to wear a marble manicure!

Until next time have fun polishing!

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