Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Watermelon Nails

Hi all today I have for you my idea from a very popular post Anne posted awhile ago. So when Anne and I received the Neon collision set to review I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it! I started with Fired Up Fuchsia that is two coats! I'm in love!!!! Seriously a neon that's BAM in your face neon without a base of white and isn't streaky! WINNER winner chicken dinner! Here are the pics...

Here is the neon collision start with your base coat let it dry...then you take the clear that is in the box (it's a bonder for the glitter). I then let it dry but not completely and put my glitter on (press it on with my finger). Then let it finish drying.

Here is the whole set out and about. You get a brush, bonder, and 4 neon glitters.
I also used the Black from Liner Basics made by Salon Perfect (also sent for review) for the seeds.

Here it is! It's my way of cute watermelons. First picture I didn't use a topcoat. After I put a topcoat on it ate away at the glitter as you can see from the other pictures. I added a little bit more glitter on top of the glitter that melted. 

So I really liked this..after the glitter melted I was sad. I think you need to be careful of the top coat you use if you are going to use this glitter maybe test it out. Over all this is an easy to use product but it does make a mess with the glitter. You can find Salon Perfect at your local Walmart. Thanks all for checking this post out! 
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  1. Too bad the topcoat melted the glitter... It is super cute though!


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