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Hello Ladies Today I have for you a review for SensatioNail Gel Magnetic Polish. The gel kept my nails from breaking when they are long because my nails are so thin. Though I found that I had to be extra careful while applying the gel because if you get it on your skin or your cuticle number one it looks bad and number two it doesn't feel great when you are curing it in the led lamp and if you want to keep it on you don't want it to look bad.

This is the starter kit it comes with Gel Cleanser, Gel Primer, Gel Base & Top Coat, Color Gel Polish, LED Lamp, Lint-free Wipes, Double-sided Nail Buffer and a wood manicure stick. 

Here are the actual how to:
1. File and Lightly buff the natural nail.
2. Using the Lint-Free Wipe, Clean nails with Gel Cleanser.
3. Apply one thin layer of Gel Primer to nail and air dry.
4. Apply a thin layer of the Gel Base & Top Coat, avoiding skin and cuticles. Cure for 30 seconds.
5. Apply a thin and even layer of the Magnetic Gel Polish, avoiding skin and cuticles. Cap the natural nail and cure for 90 seconds.
6. Apply a second layer of Magnetic Gel Polish, and immediately place magnet over nail for 10 seconds until design appears. Cure for 90 seconds.
7. Apply a thin layer of the Gel Base & Top Coat, avoiding skin and cuticles. Cap nail and cure for 30 seconds.
8. Finish by removing the moisture layer with gel cleanser and lint-free wipes.

Magnetic Gel Polish in Tantalize comes with the magnet which as you can see in the next few pictures that I had a bit of trouble with placement of the magnet...I followed the instructions to a T. I found that you had to work really fast when putting on the first coat of magnet polish or it would shrink. The second coat you placed the magnet over it and cure it. I was only doing one nail at at that point because you have to work fast so it takes a bit of time but it's worth it!

Day one

Day Seven you can see the growth but other than that it's still shiny as the first day I put it on!

Day Twelve- as you can see the growth and on my index finger I had some lifting which I believe is from my typing and tapping of nails that I seem to do...well it was just lifting until I noticed and then it turned out like you see above. It probably stayed for a few more days but I can't stand lifting even if it's one day or twelve and I tend to pick.

For removal SensatioNail has a removal kit or you can soak in 100% pure acetone. I used the method of Soaking cotton balls in acetone and putting them on my nails with aluminum foil holding them on. Removal was a bit tougher then what I thought it would be (I started with my left hand) and kept it on for about 12 needed longer (on my right hand it came off easier--you live you learn) and after I scrapped with the wooden manicure stick I put my cotton balls back on with more acetone. Voila clean nails just like I left them before I put on gels. My nails are thin so I was a little worried it would mess up or ruin my nails nope no harm done!

This picture is showing you my nails with just the Gel Base & Top Coat on I wore this for a week before taking it off and doing the Magnetic Gel set. It is really easy to remove it as it just flakes off (I put the cotton ball soaked in acetone on my finger with the aluminum foil).

I really do recommend this if you want stronger nails all you have to do is skip  adding color process. Maybe you are going away on vacation I think this would be perfect. 
SensatioNail has a few basic colors that you can find here on their web page. Find them on Facebook here, Twitter here, and Pinterest here

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