Friday, July 13, 2012

Who doesn't like Classic?

Hey everybody:) I have for y'all today OPI DS Classic...*swoon*. This is the prettiest nude that I have ever (really ever) seen! I'm a person who always wants to put just a little bit more on ....and with this polish I didn't have to!!! I picked up DS Classic at Ulta in June with a birthday gift card I had, and put it on asap....and kept it on for almost a full week, that's a long time for me in nail polish land:) Let's just move right on to the awesome pictures:)

I think this last picture was my best. The holo in this polish was just amazing with greens, golds, and silvers all mixed into one polish:) *swoon, again* Let me know what y'all think of this polish and if its worth the extra money????

Happy Polishing Everybody:)


  1. I wore this for the first time as my pedi last week and it was pretty. I don't like nudes, but this one is different.

    As to whether it is worth the money, probably so. I paid $5 at a dusty for mine. That was one happy day, I found four DS polishes at five bucks each.

    I still remember that day, they were outside the salon in the sun in a sidewalk clearance sale. I think the angels sang for me when the light hit those bottles in their white boxes. I cherish the memory!

    Thanks for posting, I think you did her justice.

    1. wow ... $5 each, I think I would hear angles singing also if I got a deal like that:)


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